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Testimonials of employees

Paulo Rodrigues

02.01.2014 - 10 years of employee
I'm working at Transdaire for nearly 10 years. I'm very glad for its constant evolution, its fleet is growing and renewed. Whatever is requested by drivers, for the exercise of our activity, are promptly provided, providing us a greater convenience in carrying out our roles. At the Transdaire company the customer satisfaction is the major goal to achieve. It is with great pleasure that I am part of this team!

Vitor Ferrão

30.11.2013 - 1 year of employee
I witnessed the foundation and growth of Transdaire company as an employee of a nearby business. I always wanted to become part of the staff of Transdaire, once I identify myself with the way of working of this company, for its dynamism, ease access to talk to people in the top management and especially for being a recognized company in the transport sector. It is noteworthy the effort of managers at all levels of work as well as their employees which made the company grow in a credible and sustainable way. I am a member of this workgroup a year and a half ago. I am very happy to be now in a company well positioned in the market where the management works every day to give us the best conditions in order to do our work as professional as possible. In which they care about our safety and the quality and shape of the vehicles. It is for the reasons that I've just described, and many others, that would really like to belong to this company for long years. Hopefully that with my collaboration, that it lasts many years.

Nelson Marques

19.12.2013 - 8 years of employee
Transdaire is a company that has been growing and always give good work conditions for all employees, both in vehicles and in all other transportation needs so we can make the most convenient service. It is always looking to improve and facilitate the communication facilities among all employees. Transdaire is a company that has always complied with its obligations to the employees. It is concerned with its visibility and its smoothly operating of services. It is a company that aims to provide a quality service to their customers. It is always regarded with punctuality, safety of goods and road safety. For this, vehicles have a good looks and are all the time with a perfect maintenance.

Patricia Marques

08.01.2014 - 6 years of employee
I work at Transdaire because I do what I like and all the conditions are given so I can do my job and to apply all my knowledge in the service of Transdaire, in order to achieve our goals. I like Transdaire, because always that I needed something I was listened, supported and never missed basic requirements to feel fulfilled. Because it is a solid company that works with honesty, which is essential for me. Because from the beginning, and has gone six years, I feel supported and encouraged by the management from day one, as I know that every day I can be supported by the colleagues, most them fantastic!