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Renewed Fleet

With the normal wear of vehicles, the management of company felt that was the best moment to invest in the fleet. Defying the crisis, management has decided to go further and expand its fleet on 1 vehicle more with the exchange of 2 old for 3 new trucks. The negotiation process was naturally quickly with the already partner Volvo Trucks. This investment is advantageous not only for Transdaire but also for region and country, once it represents a new job.

Health and Safety Training at Work

Compulsory training of Health and Safety at work were held once again at Transdaire. The employees appreciated the trainning. It was possible to know in detail the new driving rules, as well as to check up their health status - thanks again to the company Ambiformed, usually responsible for this whole process.

SMEs Leader 2013

Trandaire was recognized as SMEs merit by IAPMEI and bank partners (code L12-08321BES). BES bank was responsible to provide the required indicators for the purpose entities.

Religious Festivals

Transdaire sponsored the religious festivals that take place in Ribolhos, its parish. The famous Ribolhos traditional feasts in honor of "Nossa Senhora do Amparo", which took place on days 10, 11 and 12 of August, was, once again, sponsored by Transdaire. As has been customary, Transdaire supported sweatshirts and t-shirts for all stewards for two festive days.

Annual Event "Transdaire 2013"

The event "Transdaire 2013" was held on 18.08.2013 and was attended by employees and their families. The day was divided into two distinct periods. In the morning there was space for sharing information amongst employees, especially about the delivery and presentation of the manual for driver's. There were also fun moments with 3 team buildings accomplished and a well-stocked coffee break. During the afternoon, and near the river with the presence of families, there was offered a lunch that was only interrupted by the game "race of rafts". The day was long and animated but with the intense heat, all the people had the opportunity to feel the fresh water of Paiva river.

New MTB Equipment

Transdaire continues to sponsor sport. The already famous cycling team "Mulas da Cooperativa" begins the season with new equipment. Transdaire as the major sponsor since the beginning, once again, supported its athletes. See the new equipment in the official website at

Christmas Dinner

It was with great satisfaction that Transdaire celebrated its Christmas dinner on December 28th. In a totally relaxed atmosphere, it was possible for workers to share the good and bad moments that occurred throughout the year 2013.

Transdaire no Rally de Portugal

Transdaire in Rally of Portugal